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From the Great Falls Connection August 1, 2012

No Monocle Required More……

The All-Star musicians of Amadeus Concerts strive to make classical music accessible to everyone.

By Erin Hodge

Everyone listens to the radio, occasionally spinning the dial and losing himself in it. Music can excite, comfort, agitate, and calm. Those who play an instrument can pick out different chords and notes, and appreciate the skill of each individual sound. Those who sing recognize pitches and octaves. The rest of us, however, are left to decipher the sounds without any guide. But though every one of us hears music in a different way, we all appreciate beauty when we hear it. Pop, rock, alternative, country—it doesn’t matter. Somewhere in the back of our minds, we recognize classical too, though perhaps a little more vaguely.

“Classical has a bad reputation as being almost elitist,” says Amadeus Concerts’ Artistic Director, A. Scott Wood. “We try to make it accessible—relating our music to other music people know.” It’s an admirable goal, teaching people that a person need not know what a concerto is to enjoy its sound.